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Silver Crown Royalties: Creating the World’s Premier Silver-only Royalty Company

Silver Crown Royalties is a revenue-generating silver-only royalty company offering shareholders an economically and ecologically efficient investment. The company has two current sources of revenue (Gold Mountain and Pilar Gold) and continues to build on this foundation, targeting additional operational silver-producing projects.

As a pure-play silver equity company, Silver Crown offers organic growth, exploration upside and dividend payments using a business model that includes acquiring a guaranteed amount of silver delivered as by-product from mining operations, paying a dividend to shareholders, and keeping all excess cash in silver bullion.

“An investment in Silver Crown is a protection against currency devaluation,” says Peter Bures, founder, chairman and CEO of Silver Crown.

Silver Crown Royalties business model

Silver Crown is led by board members, founders and advisors with hundreds of years of collective experience in world renowned international brokerage, royalty, fund management and mining companies.

​Company Highlights

  • Silver Crown Royalties is a unique investment opportunity in the financial sector, focused on generating consistent and growing income sources through its expanding portfolio of silver mining royalty interests.
  • Silver Crown is continuing to advance a number of royalty acquisition opportunities and progress towards its public listing in Q3 2024.
  • Silver Crown offers shareholders both an economically and ecologically efficient investment. Since the silver that the company invests in is typically a byproduct of metal mining, it has no discernible mining cost or environmental impact.
  • The company is looking all over the world for projects that have silver as a byproduct and aims to unlock the value of those operations for both its partners and shareholders.

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