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Registration Opens for the Inaugural Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy Conference

The launch of this event is timely, as circularity in the mining and metals industry is important for reaching net-zero goals and global decarbonisation, while also addressing the rising demand for minerals required for future technologies and other vital materials.

Organised by Beacon Events, the Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy conference will be co-located with the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC), providing attendees with unprecedented access to industry experts and thought leaders in the mining sector, fostering a dynamic exchange of innovative ideas and best practices. What sets this conference apart is that it is the world’s first and only event to explore the global context of process and product circularity throughout the mining industry’s value chain.

Sherene Asnasyous, Event Director at Beacon Events, explained that the strategic development of Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy is about helping mining companies, as well as their customers, partners, and suppliers, better comprehend their roles within the circular value supply stream.

“As a powerful tool to reduce waste and pollution, circularity needs to be a priority for mining producers and their supply chains. It is also crucial for meeting the growing demand for minerals needed for new technologies, construction, and other industries, as it extends the lifespan of metals beyond their initial use. We encourage companies involved in the mining value chain to join us in this forum to explore ways to reduce waste at all stages of a mine site’s lifecycle and capitalise on the economic benefits of extracting valuable materials from waste and metals recycling,” Ms. Asnasyous said.

The introduction of Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy to the mining value chain's events calendar offers businesses a focused and in-depth opportunity to implement circular economy practices as a solution to address the current environmental and supply chain challenges faced by the industry.

“Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy is a valuable opportunity for industry players to come together because no single organisation has all the solutions to applying circularity to their business operations. It requires diverse insights and skills, as well as collaboration, to help find better ways to mine and be more resource efficient. The conference program features international and local experts from leading mining companies, consultancy firms, industry associations, and academia. Our speakers will cover a range of important topics including mine rehabilitation, waste commercialisation, policy and regulation, recycling metals, and circularity tracking and reporting,” Ms. Asnasyous said.

Alan Young, Senior Advisor at Circular Economy Leadership Canada and a panellist on Day 1 of the conference, underscores the importance of implementing circular economy principles across all participants in the minerals value chain.

"With the minerals-intensive reality of the green energy transition, there is an urgent imperative to re-invent the way we access and use metals, from the mine site to their end use in cars, batteries, computers and renewable energy systems. An integrated circular economy framework allows all participants in minerals value chains to contribute to the vision of a zero waste/zero carbon approach to these vitally important materials, while creating a massive economic benefit for society,” Mr. Young emphasised.

Gustavo Roque, General Manager – Future Use at Vale in Brazil, another international speaker headlining the conference, is looking forward to presenting on reclaiming post-mining landscapes to leverage social, economic and natural assets.

“My participation in the event will facilitate valuable exchanges of ideas and foster collaborations that can propel the industry toward more sustainable and efficient practices. Engaging with global experts and leaders at these events aligns perfectly with our objectives to redefine the mining landscape through innovation,” Mr. Roque said.

Other notable presenters and panelists at Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy include:

  • Petar Ostojic, Founder, Centre Innovation and Circular Economy (Chile)
  • Ashleigh Morris, Co-Founder, Coreo
  • Dr. Helen Degeling, Project Acquisition Manager, Cobalt Blue Holdings
  • Associate Professor Anita Parbhakar-Fox, Group Leader - Mine Waste Transformation through Characterisation, Sustainable Minerals Institute
  • Julian Treger, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director, CoTec (Canada)
  • Dr. Ana Fernandez-Iglesias, Director Sustainable Mining Portfolio, ArcelorMittal Mining R&D (Spain)
  • Graham Arvidson, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Vanadium Ltd
  • Andree Henríquez, Chief Executive Office, CircularTec (Chile)
  • Allan Morton, Executive Director, enviroMETS Qld
  • Katharine Hole, Chief Executive Officer, Association for the Battery Recycling Industry Australia
  • Megan Jones, Co-Founder, Circular PV Alliance
  • Lina Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, Tyre Stewardship Australia

In addition to the conference, there will be a supplier showcase allowing delegates to source the latest products and services that can help them transition to circular business models.

Early bird delegate passes are now available and can be purchased at miningcircularity.com.


Photos to accompany the media release can be found here.

About Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy

The inaugural Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy conference is an invaluable platform for industry stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role, impact and benefits of a circular economy across the entire mining value chain. Taking place alongside International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) on 29 and 30 October, this is the world's first and only conference with discussions on the global context of both process and product circularity in the mining industry’s supply chain. Mining companies of all sizes and their suppliers and customers will benefit from the conference to better understand the roles they play in a circular value supply stream.

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