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HiPurA® HPA Pilot Plant Early-Stage Commissioning Commenced

ChemX Materials Limited (ASX:CMX) (ChemX or the Company), an Australian high purity critical materials developer, is pleased to announce that it has begun early-stage commissioning of the leach circuit within the innovative HiPurA® High Purity Alumina (HPA) 24tpa Pilot Plant in O’Connor, Western Australia.

The leach circuit is a key part of ChemX’s unique flowsheet and comprises the first part of the patented, HiPurA® purification process. It takes the aluminous chemical feedstock and sufficiently upgrades its purity for the solvent extraction (SX) stage.

CMX Operations Manager (Russell Vallis) in front of the commissioned leach circuit

Figure 1 – CMX Operations Manager (Russell Vallis) pictured in front of the commissioned leach circuit

ChemX, CEO Peter Lee said: “Our 24tpa HiPurA® HPA Pilot Plant is starting to rapidly take shape, and we are pleased to have commissioned the leach circuit. Achieving this milestone delivers on our commitment to commence early-stage commissioning in Q2 of the 2024 calendar year”.

“Structural, mechanical, piping (SMP) activities are progressing well with electrical and control infrastructures accelerating ahead. As with any project integration, key work scopes require careful planning and the HiPurA® HPA Pilot Plant is on track to achieve operational readiness toward the end of the next quarter”.

” We look forward to sharing further commissioning updates in the coming months as we advance towards full Pilot Plant commissioning”.

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