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Airborne EM over Multiple Targets on Ti-Tree Project

Augustus Minerals (ASX: AUG; “Augustus” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that an airborne Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic (VTEM) Max survey will be undertaken at three areas within the 3,600km2 Ti-Tree Project in the Gascoyne Region. The survey is scheduled for August.

  • Augustus Minerals has contracted UTS Geophysics to conduct a VTEM Max survey over several Copper, Cu-Ni-PGE, Zn-Pb-Ag and Uranium targets along the money Intrusion and within proximity of the prospective 85k long Ti-Tree Shear.
  • The surveys will cover:
    • The Money Intrusion, prospective for Cu-Ni-PGE mineralisation.
    • Copper Ridge and Nics Bore over anomalous Copper Drilling results
    • The Coo Creek prospect where drilling by Augustus in 2023 identified strongly anomalous Zn-Pb-Ag mineralisation.
    • The Munaballya Well North area which shows potential for economic Uranium mineralisation.
  • The surveys will help to advance the untapped potential of the Ti-Tree project to host economic mineralisation of multiple commodities.

Andrew Ford, GM Exploration

“The VTEM survey will provide key targeting data over three highly prospective and different prospects with potential for multiple commodities. Whilst the high prospectivity for copper mineralisation has been well documented, the addition of uranium and Broken Hill base metal style mineralisation highlights the quality of the underexplored Ti-Tree project”.


UTS Geophysics has been engaged to conduct a helicopter borne VTEM Max survey comprising 646-line km over three separate survey areas. The system is excellent for locating discrete conductive anomalies as well as mapping lateral and vertical variations in resistivity which helps map structure, alteration and rock type. The system also collects magnetic data through a caesium magnetometer. The transmitter/receiver loop is suspended on a cable approximately 40m below the helicopter (Figure 1).

Figure 1 VTEM Max helicopter deployed electromagnetic survey arrangement.

Figure 2 Prospects and VTEM Survey areas.

Money Intrusion

The Money Intrusion, which has proven potential to host Ni-Cu-Co-PGE (platinum group elements), is part of the regional Mundine Well Dolerite Suite, a regionally extensive dolerite (strike length >80km). This extensive mafic intrusion, which is comprised of a variety of lithologies, including gabbro in the core, olivine dolerite on the chilled lower contact or keel and fine-grained dolerite on the outer edges. Mapping, aeromagnetics and multi-spectral imagery show that the Money Intrusion within the Ti-Tree Project covers a strike length greater than 16km, reaching widths >600m in the north of E09/23241.

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