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March 2024 (Q3 FY24) Activities and Cashflow Report

Adisyn Ltd (ASX: AI1) (“Adisyn” or the “Company") is pleased to provide its quarterly report and Appendix 4C cash flow statement for the period ended 31 March 2024, as it continues to build on it’s unique technology offering and sovereign IT capability.


  • Commenced new strategic focus towards creating a compelling value proposition to SMEs operating in the Australian defence industry supply chain
  • Appointment of Strategic Advisor to pursue a range of opportunities
  • Quarterly cash receipts increasing by ~42% vs Q3 FY23
  • Quarterly revenue increasing by ~57% to ~$1,725m vs Q3 FY23
  • Net cash used in operating activities decreasing by ~72% to ($60k) vs Q3 FY23
For the March quarter, the Company reported cash receipts of $1,903m, and total revenue of ~$1,725m (up ~42% and 57% respectively, compared to Q3 FY23). Revenue for the quarter from the Company’s core divisions (excluding Miner Hosting) decreased slightly by 2% from the December 2023 quarter, to $1,447m.

The Company has conducted a comprehensive review of its various operations and has prioritised high growth, high margin sectors to focus its future business development activities. In particular, the development of a comprehensive suite of products and services as part of a compelling value proposition to SMEs operating in the fast growing Australian defence industry supply chain. Over time, we expect this to result in growth in longer term recurring revenues with associated higher margins.

Appointment of Strategic Advisor

On 19 February 2024 the Company announced the appointment of a strategic advisor, Mr Harry Karelis. Mr Karelis will be retained as the Company’s Strategic Advisor with a focus on identifying and securing strategic partnerships, assisting with investor relations and general business development activities.

On 15 April 2024 the Company outlined it’s new strategic direction, with a focus on using the Company’s strategic edge in supporting the growing defence industry supply chain.

The Australian Government is investing an additional $5.7 billion in defence capability over the next four years to 2027-28 and $50.3 billion over the next decade to 2033-34, above the previous trajectory over that period. This investment will see the Defence budget grow over the next ten years to an estimated $100 billion by 2033-34, with total funding of $765 billion over the decade. The Australian Government will invest $15-$20 billion in enhanced cyber domain capabilities alone over the decade.1

The Company has recently formed a new advisory board as it looks to expand and focus it’s unique service offering towards the growing defence industry in Western Australia (ASX: 15 April 2024). Mr Karelis has been appointed Chairman of the advisory board, and will spearhead the expansion of the advisory board with defence industry experienced members.

Adisyn Cyber

The Company continues to explore new partnership opportunities to expand it’s cybersecurity offering, reducing the need to spend significant funding and time on developing new products in- house. The cybersecurity offering of the Company will remain a key component of the business as it targets the defence industry supply chain sector, with the Company’s in-house cybersecurity and AI capability allowing it to build niche AI enabled tools for business’ sovereign and personally identifiable data where the necessary tools cannot be supplied through partnerships.

On 17 July 2023, the Company announced that it had completed the successful acquisition of Thomas Cyber. The consideration for the acquisition was for nil cash consideration and included performance rights with various revenue and time-based milestones for the Thomas Cyber management team (ASX: 17 July 2023). On 19 April 2024 the Thomas Cyber management team resigned from the Company, and have agreed to provide services to the Company on a contract basis per customer project where required. All performance rights relating to the acquisition will be forfeited. The Company retains all assets and intellectual property from the acquisition.

The Company expects to be announcing a series of key strategic partnerships to significantly expand the Company’s existing suite of cyber capabilities and through these partnerships clearly differentiate Adisyn in the marketplace.

Share placement

As announced on 19 February 2024, the Company completed a share placement to raise $298,000 to expand the Company's business development in existing and new areas within the business, along with general working capital. The Placement was conducted pursuant to the Company’s existing placement capacity. 13,950,000 shares were issued pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 7.1, and 950,000 shares were issued pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 7.1A. All shares were issued at an issue price of $0.02.

Update on the Miner Hosting business

For the December 2023 quarter, total unaudited revenue for the Company’s non-core Miner Hosting division was ~$278k, which was up ~1% from the December 2023 quarter and down ~52% from the March 2023 quarter. As announced on 25 January 2024, the Company has implemented a new pricing structure for the division, with a focus on organic customer acquisition.

The Company continues to explore options for the division, including potential strategic partnerships or divestment.

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