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Analyst Firm Targets Share Price Upside for Lithium Universe as Refinery Plans Ramp Up


Australian investment research firm East Coast Research is estimating a more than 150 percent upside in the share price of Lithium Universe (ASX:LU7) over 12 months, from its current price of $0.21 per share to about $0.53 per share.

“Drawing on its expertise, LU7’s Dream Team is working on closing the massive gap in downstream lithium processing in North America by building a 16,000 tpa lithium carbonate refinery in Quebec, for which the company is rapidly completing a DFS (definitive feasibility study,” said East Coast Research analyst Behzad Golmohammadi in his report.

Led by lithium pioneer Iggy Tan, Lithium Universe has assembled a team of lithium industry experts that can deliver on the company’s goal to strengthen North America’s lithium supply chain. Through this expertise, Lithium Universe aims to close a widening lithium processing gap in North America, through a planned 16,000-tpa lithium carbonate refinery in Quebec, Canada, the analyst report cited. Lithium Universe is currently undertaking a definitive feasibility study for the processing plant.

China currently controls around 60 percent of the global lithium refining capacity for batteries, a huge driver for North American efforts to a lithium supply chain for the region.

LU7's lithium dream team

“Western governments have come up with policies and strategic plans to support the expansion of their lithium refining capacities. However, the biggest challenge here is a lack of expertise that has led to a series of recent failures and delayed startups in the sector. This is where LU7’s Dream Team shines with its proven track record of successfully constructing and commissioning such projects,” the analyst report said.

Report highlights:

  • Lithium Universe’s “dream team” of lithium industry experts led by Iggy Tan is working on closing the massive gap in downstream lithium processing in North America by building a 16,000 tpa lithium carbonate refinery in Quebec, Canada, for which the company is rapidly completing a definitive feasibility study.
  • Lithium Universe plans to replicate the Jiangsu Lithium Carbonate Refinery, using the same engineering manager (Hatch) and the key executives who built the world-class Jiangsu Refinery.
  • China’s dominance in the global lithium supply chain has pushed governments in North America to develop and strengthen a secure supply chain outside China, with strategic support for projects that expand North America’s lithium refining capacity.
  • East Coast Research has valued Lithium Univers at AU$0.047 per share in a base-case scenario and AU$0.058 per share in a bull-case scenario, solely based on the Quebec lithium carbonate refinery project, and excluding the company’s prospective exploration assets or its spodumene concentrator project in Quebec.

For the full analyst report, click here.

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