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E25 Progresses USA HPMSM Refinery Plans

Element 25 Limited (E25 or Company) (ASX: E25; OTCQX: ELMTF) is pleased to provide an update in relation to it’s planned construction of a high-purity manganese sulphate (HPMSM) refinery in Louisiana USA to supply domestic HPMSM to the US electric vehicle battery industry.

Element 25 Managing Director Justin Brown said: “E25 aims to be a leading source of high quality, vertically integrated, traceable and ESG and IRA-compliant battery material to the global electric vehicle industry. Construction of our HPMSM facility in the USA – the first of its kind there – is a key pillar to the strategic plan which aims to position E25 as the industry leading provider of high quality ethically sourced battery-grade manganese to support global electrification efforts.

Engineering Development

Basic engineering packages for specific sections of the plant are being generated by equipment vendors. Design development of the balance of the processing facility is progressing. The project engineers have developed an initial project execution plan, procurement plan and other foundational elements, which are being reviewed. Project controls are being developed to manage cost and schedule.

Figure 1. 3D engineering model development for Louisiana HPMSM refinery.


The project schedule has been developed, incorporating all facets of the project, including engineering, permitting, project financing and construction. Commencement of construction and commissioning are under review pending the execution of binding terms on the project site, in addition to the conclusion of project financing activities and a Final Investment Decision by E25’s Board of Directors to commence construction (FID).

The current schedule development provides for approximately 80 weeks of project build time based on the current critical path, however is being reviewed with the aim of compressing construction timelines.

The current timeline assumes no material interruptions to project development once construction commences due to procurement, procurement delays or weather-related disruptions.

Project Site Selection

Discussions continue with the owners of the preferred project site with the intention of combining land, sulphuric acid and ancillary services into the commercial terms. The principal reagent required by the Element 25 HPMSM process is sulphuric acid, and securing reliable supply at competitive commercial terms is an important aspect of the site selection process. Other considerations include inbound and outbound logistics and site permitting requirements. Site-specific engineering activities are currently paused pending finalisation of these commercial agreements.


Air Permit

The air permit is a key requirement to commence facility construction. Any source, including a temporary source, which emits or has the potential to emit any air contaminant (defined as particulate matter, dust, fumes, gas, mist, smoke, or vapour, or any combination thereof produced by the process(es) other than natural) requires an air permit. As part of the permitting process, Element 25 has completed a detailed assessment of expected emissions from the HPMSM refinery and provided this information along with supporting documentation to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ).

A draft permit has been issued, and comments have been provided to the regulator. The final stage of the permitting process is a public meeting, currently scheduled to be held on 18 April 2024 to be held in the local community centre close to the proposed project site.

The LDEQ Office of Environmental Services will conduct a public hearing in order to receive comments on the proposed Initial Part 70 Air Operating Permit and the associated Environmental Assessment Statement (EAS) for Element 25 (Louisiana) LLC, being the operator of the site. It is anticipated that the final permit will be issued during May 2024 at the conclusion of this process.

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