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Your Instacart+ Membership Now Includes This Streaming Service for Free

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Grocery delivery services boomed in popularity in the early days of the pandemic. Many shoppers have continued to embrace this convenient service to save time in their busy lives. Instacart is one such example of a well-known grocery delivery app that shoppers use.

Investing in a paid membership like Instacart+ allows frequent grocery delivery users to save on service fees and get free delivery. But a membership like this can also provide additional benefits. Instacart+ subscribers can now also access a streaming service for free.

Don't miss this new Instacart+ perk

In addition to the other benefits of Instacart+ (more on those below), there's a new perk to enjoy. Instacart recently announced a brand-new partnership with the streaming service Peacock. All Instacart+ members now get free access to Peacock Premium at no extra cost. This streaming plan offers access to ad-supported movies and TV shows.

The standard subscription rate for Peacock Premium is $5.99 per month or $59.99 annually. But Instacart+ members pay nothing. If you like having access to multiple streaming apps but hate how quickly subscription costs eat away at your bank account balance, don't miss out on this new benefit.

Grocery delivery can help you save time and stay on budget

Grocery delivery services can be well worth the cost for those short on time. When life gets busy, juggling your personal, professional, and household responsibilities can be challenging. Getting your groceries delivered to your home can shorten your to-do list and ease stress.

These services can also help you avoid overspending. When you use services like Instacart, you must assemble your order before delivery. As you fill up your virtual shopping cart, you'll see the price of each item, making it easier to honor your weekly shopping budget as you shop.

These services may also help you minimize impulse spending on unnecessary items, allowing you to waste less money. When you're shopping in person at the grocery store, it can be tempting to add items you don't need to your cart, resulting in a more costly grocery bill. With so many benefits, it's easy to see why this has become a favorite service for many people.

Instacart+ offers benefits that are a win for frequent customers

Instacart+ costs $9.99 monthly or $99 yearly to join. Without this membership, customers pay delivery fees and higher service fees on their orders. These fees can add up fast for those who place frequent grocery delivery orders.

But with this paid membership, you can enjoy free delivery on eligible orders of $35 or more and lower service fees. Members also get 5% credit back on qualifying pick-up orders.

If you're considering getting your groceries delivered, you may want to review the benefits of a paid grocery delivery membership like Instacart+ to see if it's worth joining. It's a good option if you use the service on a regular basis.

With the addition of Peacock Premium, an Instacart+ membership offers even more value and may make the cost worthwhile. Not having to pay for another streaming app is a win for your wallet. For additional ways to save money, take a look at our free personal finance resources.

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