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Emergent Waste Solutions: Converting waste into valuable products

Canadian firm Emergent Waste Solutions (EWS) is helping solve the world’s waste problems through its proprietary Advanced Thermolysis System (ATS). The technology uses materials like municipal solid waste, tires, plastics, biomass and livestock waste as feedstock and converts these into valuable products, such as activated carbon, carbon black, biochar, bio-coal, syngas and bio-oil.

Wood waste

The company’s North American facility in Ruby Creek, British Columbia, is already in commercial production and has sold its first biochar products. With a CaPEx of $3.5 million, the plant has attractive economics with potential revenues of over $1.6 million and net profit before tax of $721,000 at full operation. In addition to Canada, the company has a strong pipeline of international projects in Brazil, Ghana and the Philippines.

EWS is pursuing several global revenue models: 100 percent ownership; the sale of its ATS plants; and joint ventures, where EWS aims to hold a minimum of 50 percent ownership of a project. Such JV arrangements will allow EWS to maintain optimal plant operating parameters, ensure maintenance and plant upgrades, have a national and international sales strategy, and execute new product development to achieve maximum profits.

Company Highlights

  • Emergent Waste Solutions (EWS) is a private Canadian company focused on converting waste into valuable carbon-based commodities, including renewable natural gas (RNG), oils, and bunker grade diesel
  • The company boasts of a disruptive Advanced Thermolysis System (ATS) technology (patent pending) to process various feedstock such as municipal solid waste, tires, plastics, biomass and livestock waste, and convert them into useful products such as activated carbon, carbon black, biochar, bio-coal, syngas and bio-oil.
  • The company’s project in Ruby Creek, BC is operational and has achieved commercial production with sales of biochar. Moreover, the company has a robust pipeline of projects both in Canada and internationally.
  • The market opportunity for EWS’s technology is very large. Traditional waste treatment market in Canada is valued at ~$5.1 billion with an estimate of over 3,500 plants needed to treat various streams of waste in Canada.
  • EWS offers investors an attractive ESG investment opportunity to benefit from the growing demand for renewable natural gas, biochar, bio-coal and carbon black. The company has entered into an amalgamation agreement with Buscando Resources pursuant to which Buscando will acquire all of the outstanding shares in the capital of EWS by way of a three-cornered amalgamation, subject to the terms and conditions of the Amalgamation Agreement.

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