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Team managing $800M joins Arkadios


Team managing $800M joins Arkadios

Three advisors who were overseeing $800 million in client assets have affiliated with Arkadios Capital, the firm announced Thursday.

Tripps Moog, who was an executive director at J.P. Morgan Securities, Hays Evans, who had been a senior vice president at Capitol Group, and Kendall Southerland, who had worked with Moog at J.P. Morgan, are launching an independent wealth advisory firm, Clover Capital Partners, in Atlanta.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Arkadios Capital, a firm that shares our entrepreneurial drive and commitment to staying nimble so we can deliver tailored solutions to our ultra-high net worth clients across the country,” Moog said in a statement. “Their team has built an ideal platform for Clover to reach the next level of our growth.”

According to the SEC’s IAPD, Moog has 28 years of experience, starting in 1995 at the Robinson-Humphrey Co. He had been affiliated with J.P. Morgan Securities since 2015.

Hays Evans has 27 years of experience, starting in 1995 at Robinson-Humphrey, and had been affiliated with Capitol Group Private Client Services since 2021.

Southerland has three years of experience at JPMorgan.

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