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Parent of Sigma Financial rebrands as Axtella

Sigma Financial

Parent of Sigma Financial rebrands as Axtella

SPS Family, the parent company of broker-dealers Sigma Financial Corp. and Parkland Securities, as well as RIA Sigma Planning Corp., announced this week that it’s rebranding as Axtella.

The company said the new name was inspired by the words stellar, nexus, and constellation, and that those words relate to its core values.

“We have a proven 40-year history of pioneering together with our financial professionals and supporting them through each phase of their business development,” Jerry Rydell, the firm’s owner and CEO, said in a statement. “Moving forward as Axtella, we honor our roots while simultaneously setting a fresh benchmark.”

The wealth management industry has seen a number of firms adopt new names recently, including Advisor Group’s shift to Osaic and CI Financial dubbing its U.S. unit Corient.

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based SPS has a network of more than 700 financial advisors.

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