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RBC recruits UBS team overseeing $1B in client assets

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RBC recruits UBS team overseeing $1B in client assets

RBC Wealth Management has added a Kansas-based team that managed $1 billion in client assets at UBS, the firm announced Thursday.

The Total Wealth Management team is based in Leawood and includes: managing director Patrick McCarthy; senior vice presidents John Brown and Eric Taylor; vice president Scott Jones; associate vice presidents Penny McKinney and LaGina Nicholas; and associate financial advisor John McCarthy.

Patrick McCarthy has 33 years of experience, having started at Piper Jaffray in 1990, according to his BrokerCheck report, and had been affiliated with UBS since 2006, when UBS acquired Piper Jaffray’s brokerage business. Brown has 39 years of experience, starting at Piper Jaffray in 1984 and then moving to UBS in 2006. Taylor has 17 years of experience and had also been at UBS since 2006.

Total Wealth Management provides a full range of wealth management services to individuals, families, business owners and foundations.

According to a statement, the team chose RBC because of “access to senior firm leaders and the ease of doing business.”

RBC Wealth Management has more than 2,100 advisors in 42 states who oversee $544 billion in client assets.

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