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$500M Louisiana team joins Raymond James


$500M Louisiana team joins Raymond James

A team of five financial advisors who managed more than $500 million in assets at Merrill Lynch has joined Raymond James’ employee advisor channel, Raymond James & Associates, the firm announced Tuesday.

The advisors, who will operate as Meyer Rotolo Wealth Management of Raymond James in Slidell, Louisiana, are John W. Meyer, Kevin Rotolo, Don Gallaty II, David Jacob Indest and Chad P. Dusang. They’re joined in the move by staffers Dianne Rovira and Teresa Casey.

The firm focuses on personalized advisory services and its clients range from business owners to nonprofits, pre-retirees and retirees.

“Raymond James grants us the invaluable freedom to seek and serve clients as we see fit, ensuring that our guidance remains solely based on the best interest of their unique financial goals,” Meyer said in a statement.

Meyer, the firm’s managing director, has 28 years of experience; he started his career at Dean Witter Reynolds in 1995 and had been affiliated with Merrill since 2000, according to his BrokerCheck report. Rotolo, the firm’s first vice president of investments, has 10 years of experience, having started at Merrill in 2013.

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