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Love Is Blind' Season 4: Did Tiffany and Brett Get Married?

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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the finale of Love Is Blind season 4, proceed with caution.

Every season of Love Is Blindhas that one couple -- the pair who don't appear to be a hot mess and who might actually go the distance (the Lauren and Cameron and Alexa and Brennons, if you will). Since the beginning of season 4 began streaming last month, 37-year-old client lead recruiter Tiffany Pennywell and 36-year-old Brett Brown have appeared to be that couple.

The pair had an instant connection in the pods, opening up to one another and sharing some of their emotional struggles. Apart from one awkward incident where Tiffany accidentally fell asleep while Brett was confessing his love for her, the pair has seemingly not hit a single snag in their love story. Their romantic Mexico getaway was filled with sweet declarations of love and some NSFW moments as the pair got to know each other physically. Then in life outside of their love bubble, the two have kept it real when talking about finances and their living situation. 

Though Tiffany jokingly called her fiancé "Bougie Brett," do to his refined taste, she didn't seem to be bothered by her man's spending and the pair continued to be in sync in their discussions about their future.

Tiffany and Brett on 'Love Is Blind'

Brett has confidently declared, "I don't have any doubts. We're gonna make it."

But as the season progressed, some fans began to worry about the seemingly perfect pair's future after one scene in episode 10 where Tiffany broke down crying, declaring that the stress of wedding planning is "too much." 

"It's almost like I don't want a wedding," Tiffany told her concerned fiancé.

Brett comforted her and said her stress is "understandable," but the emotional moment still left viewers sweating their wedding day. 

Turns out, Brett had the biggest drama of the day when his pants didn't fit the way he wanted them to. Noting that he values how he presents himself, a frustrated Brett declares, "This should be a day of no surprises. This should not happen."

Thankfully, he rushes to a tailor with 30 minutes to spare before heading down the aisle and she sorts him out. And though Tiffany is clearly emotional and in tears as she heads down the aisle to meet her man, the pair confidently say their "I dos" before family and friends. 

So have the lovebirds stayed together? The contestants on Love Is Blind are known for wiping their social media pages of any details about their relationship status. But ET has done some digging online to see if there are any clues pointing toward the future of Tiffany and Brett.

Both Tiffany and Brett are following one another as well as several other co-stars from this season. Brett is also following several of Tiffany's friends who are not co-stars and they are following him back. 

Their actual future remains to be seen, but we're crossing our fingers for these two.

Love Is Blind season 4 is streaming on Netflix and the live reunion special will take place Sunday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET on Netflix. 


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