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'Love Is Blind' Season 4: Are Kwame and Chelsea Married?

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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the finale of Love Is Blind season 4, proceed with caution.

The last drop of Love Is Blind episodes left fans on a cliffhanger as Chelsea Griffin awaited her fiancé, Kwame Appiah's, answer at the altar. Kwame seemed to be deliberating right up until the moment he faced his bride on their wedding day. 

The couple shared a series of highs and lows including Kwame's continued connection with ex Micah Lussier, his hesitation to move to Seattle from his home in Portland, their conflicting communication styles, and Kwame's own family's disproval of their relationship.

His siblings showed their support on his wedding day, telling Kwame that their parents were there in spirit even if they could not be there physically. 

Chelsea made it clear before heading down the aisle that she intended to say yes, and she delivered. But when it came time for Kwame to answer, Netflix cut out before he could deliver his response, picking up with his answer at the beginning of Friday's finale. Though Kwame looked stone-faced throughout the ceremony, he broke into a wide grin, happily announcing, "I do!" as his siblings stood up cheering. 

Though they walked off into the sunset together smiling, did the pair end up together? 

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah on 'Love Is Blind'

Back in March, fellow contestant Zack Goytowski shared video of himself on a boat with Kwame. In the clip, two arms are seen coming into the frame wearing a puffy lavender-colored jacket.

That same day, Chelsea posted a pic of herself in an identical lavender jacket and rainbow-tipped manicure. She also snapped a shot, seemingly of the same harbor where it appeared that Zack's video came from.

Kwame from 'Love Is Blind'
Zack Goytowski/Instagram Stories
Chelsea from 'Love Is Blind'
Chelsea Griffin/Instagram Stories
Chelsea Griffin
Chelsea Griffin/Instagram Stories

In addition to Zack, the day out with friends included Paul, but there was no footage of Micah. Whether or not Kwame and Chelsea tied the knot and stayed together is still unknown, but they appear to at least be hanging out.

Micah and Kwame on 'Love Is Blind'

As for his chemistry with Micah, whose fiancé, Paul Peden, said no on their wedding day, she has since weighed in on the controversy. When ET spoke with Micah prior to the episodes airing, she insisted that she never intended to switch fiancés.

"When I ended it with Kwame, I was done with Kwame for good," she told ET. "I think how I interact with people is a little flirty. Maybe it's because that's what I've done my whole life... but that's how I talk. It's how I interact with people. But there was no question in my mind once I chose Paul that I was with Paul and I was not going back to Kwame. But I could get how that could be confusing given our conversations."

Fans will get the real answers during the show's live season 4 reunion on Sunday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET on Netflix. 


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